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Property Management

PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd - whether managing apartments, commercial, industrial, and retail properties, or facilities - seeks to operate their buildings at peak efficiency while maintaining adequate maintenance services and safety controls. Routine analysis of a building's structural, mechanical and safety systems assure property owners that the latest technology will be applied in assessing system upgrades, modernization, and potential cost savings. The management staff is well acquainted with stringent requirements for dependable, timely, and professional management, financial reporting, maintenance, and communication demanded by today's owners.

PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd. reviews and analyzes all existing service contracts including, but not limited to all types of property maintenance, remodeling, interior design, landscaping, insurance providers, evaluation, property development and tourist services at the conception of each contract. Negotiation and competition for all services contracts provides top quality services at reduced costs, with the assurance of quality services and materials. Solicitation of vendors for contracts begins with qualified customers, clients or representatives. All operational services to the property will be performed by independent contractors with the exception of the on-site staff, if applicable.

PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd. supervises all contractors providing routine and periodic services for the property requiring quality workmanship and services on a timely basis. This includes supervision of the maintenance of mechanical systems within the property such as heating and pool machines, electrical, plumbing, irrigation and others to maximize equipment life and provide complete satisfaction and safety for the tenants and owners. Activities of contractors will be supervised and payments for the same will be distributed only following an inspection of the project by the Property Manager.

PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd can approve for payment or approve and make disbursements for normal recurring expenses as provided in the site budget, which shall be approved in advance or as directed by the Owner(s). We will provide clear, accurate, valuable and timely information to the management staff and Owner(s).

Financial statements are prepared, maintained, reviewed and distributed on a quarter basis within twenty (20) working days after the close of the quarter. These statements are prepared on an accrual basis indicating receipts and disbursements, showing income or expense funding, cash on hand, reserve accounts, if applicable, and current liabilities. These reports are accompanied by comparative reports of monthly financials to a pre-approved budget, and delinquent tenant account status reports, if applicable. At year-end, these same reports shall be prepared detailing year-end balances.

1. Holiday & Long Term Rentals.
Whether you have bought your property for investment purpose or for your holiday or residential needs, PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd can show to you that your property can be profitable as well. Constant or periodical rental activity can make your property pay itself for all the expenses related to operating and maintenance and even bring you good income. The big part of our activity is to attract the tenants to your both residential and commercial real estate.

We advertise actively in the Internet, international and local press, through our agents network using any chance to meet your and tenants' needs in one point where your property is situated.

We provide meet & assist, travel and tours support, transfers arrangements, round trips and sea cruises reservation, car rentals and many more to make your property desirable for the tenants considering very wide choice of holiday properties available on the market.

2. Inspections.
Whether provided during routine maintenance calls to a property or on a special "as-needed" basis, PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd is available to provide inspection services at residential, commercial, industrial and special-use facilities. While at a location for routine maintenance, the Maintenance Technicians are trained to utilize a checklist to identify additional maintenance and other property needs. The inspection checklist provides our clients with an additional sense of security.

Inspection services have also been used to further investigate properties not utilizing maintenance services. A more detailed inspection form is used for these properties, as the Maintenance Technician will be less familiar with the property. A summary report is constructed detailing the building systems and structure. These inspections are available by contacting a member of the Management Team at PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd.

3. Maintenance.
PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd, through its qualified, fully insured Service Technicians, performs fast, quality hands on maintenance relating to all building systems including structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. The pride of the quality workmanship by our Service Technicians is illustrated on every job. PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd can respond to most routine maintenance calls within forty eight hours. Our Service Technicians will show up at your facility with fully equipped and tooled trucks to provide prompt professional service for all your maintenance or repair needs.

Routine maintenance services provide a range from changing light bulbs to preventative maintenance programs or even major building concerns. Quick response to any of these concerns can save time and money. Regular maintenance services can keep small problems becoming overwhelming. Through scheduled maintenance on your property whether it is your home, rental property or office building PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd can help you with all your maintenance needs.

In addition, we also offer free estimates plus provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to our regular customers. It makes sense to get your property scheduled for regular scheduled maintenance visits now. To find out more about all our maintenance services or availability send PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd an e-mail today.

4. Emergency Services.
Quick, dependable emergency response is the hallmark of quality maintenance management. PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd is uniquely positioned to provide fast, competent response to most any building emergency. PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd provides a direct link to the hands-on analysis and resolution of virtually every emergency situation.

Our competent maintenance technicians are thoroughly trained in the fundamentals of emergency repair to a building's electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd is available to supervise and coordinate subcontractors when needed.

5. Maintenance & Facilities Consulting.
Quite often, requests are made of PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd Service Technicians to provide consulting services. Our skilled Service Technicians have the ability to analyze the issue you have with your project and can give prompt and comprehensive recommendations to remedy problems or get your present or future plans moving forward.

Another aspect of the consulting provided by PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd is to custom draft our consulting services to fit your specifications. Having this direct relationship with PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd can ultimately save wasted time and money. The personalized service to you makes implementation of the consultant's recommendations seamless and gets your job done rapidly. This growing area of business provides peace of mind, information and advice on general or specific property details.

This service is a pro-active approach to asset management and generally the benefits greatly out weigh the costs. PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd consulting services can help you with any of your present or future projects. Make it a point to contact us today by e-mail.

6. Real Estate Consulting.
PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd provides solutions to a client's real estate concerns on a consulting basis. A sample of these types of services follows:

· Facility Site Location Analysis
· Property Valuation
· Financial Analysis
· Project Feasibility
· Lease / Buy Analysis
· Project Management Development
· Investment Analysis
· Asset Management
· Troubled Property Work-Outs
· Repair / Replacement Analysis
· Property Inspection Analysis
· Project Cost Analysis
· Receivership Appointment
· Property Operating and Maintenance Studies

In performance of this work, PFA Cyprus Holiday Homes Ltd utilizes the broad backgrounds and extensive real estate experience of its professionals. This provides our clients with solutions, results, and value added input.

If you have not find the service you are looking for in this list, please, check our Advanced services page or just e-mail us with your enquiry.

For further Information Contact:

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